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Ship manufacturing industry: the ship with, along the way construction

2015/5/4      view:


Release build along the way of vision and action, the central news network broadcast videoseries along the way, President Xi's visit to Pakistan will sign a series of deals etc..


Along the way, common prosperity

In order to promote the implementation of the "one way" of major initiatives, the governmenthas formulated and issued the "China promote economic zone to build the Silk Road and the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road vision and action"; the Central News Network since April 13th launched a series of reports "along the way to build prosperity", presents a full range of Chinese and along the country to achieve the interconnection of the unremitting efforts of the last week, has aired four episodes "along the way", "painted on the new blueprint for the development of capital interoperability, open up financial artery", "Fujian" and "buildthe interconnection hub of Xinjiang to speed up the transportation hub and logisticsconstruction". April 20th to 21, the president will pay a state visit to Pakistan, is expected to be signed during the Pakistan involving energy and infrastructure in the field of $46000000000single, which is likely to include 8 yuan class conventional submarines built by heavy orders,China's Wu csic.

"Along the way" to the construction machinery industry will bring investment opportunities

We think, the machinery industry will benefit "along the way" from two aspects: the construction of major infrastructure construction engineering machinery demand, trade exchange to promote the export of major high-end equipment in china. "One of the most important content of the construction along the way" is Europe non mainland interconnection,the Silk Road Economic Zone of major infrastructure construction projects will be great, andfor the domestic construction services bring huge demand, while driving demand for construction machinery, investment bank, silk road fund will provide financial support for the project construction; on the other hand, "along the way" advocated by the construction oftrade flow will help to promote the export of China's high-end equipment, such as a key recommendation of the prime minister Keqiang has been High-speed Rail equipment, nuclear power equipment, and high added value of ship and marine engineering, marine military tradeetc..

Continue to focus on recommendation with the expected civil ship

Since the end of last year, engineering machinery, nuclear power equipment, especiallyrailway equipment has been a huge increase, the price Chinese Chinese demonstration effectCSR, CNR merger brings obvious, and shipbuilding shares 4 months since almost noperformance, far behind the market. We think, the ship (including marine, naval ships) in twenty-first Century itself will benefit the construction of the maritime Silk Road, and thepossibility of large ship group with North and south. First of all, after the merger is south shipnorth and South car, the country's nuclear CPI merger, most likely to carry out "along the way"strategic planning with action, are to promote the export of major equipment; secondly, this year is the integration of central enterprises will be more than 100 years, planning the integration of central enterprises, with fifty or sixty ships, North and South and in line with national planning; finally, civil ship leadership at an inappropriate time (not finished, the capital operation of ships in the south north middle ship for special inspection process) to strengthen the exchange with the expected, civil ship speeds up the merge process. Chinese ship,Chinese heavy improve target price, it is recommended to continue to buy Chinese ship (70 yuan), GSI (80 yuan), Chinese heavy industry (20 yuan).